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Make a Programming Cable for a Yaesu FT-4X

I referenced this video to modify a Baofeng cable to make a programming cable for a Yaesu FT-4X.


  • Pulled 3.5 mm audio pin out of cable


Pulled out 3.5mm pin


  • Open case at USB end of the cable gently with small screwdriver. Pry at the cable stress relief end.
  • Watch this video (Yaesu FT-4X Programming Cable) and dig out the needed diode from your parts stock.

  • solder it up


Soldered Diode between TX and RX. Anode goes to TX.
Soldered diode between TX/RX (anode to TX)


  • Test the cable with programming software available at yaesu.com
  • Reassemble the case

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